To you Ana Maria, I dedicate this small one historical, for your fight and for your claw in to help me and to always maintain the Tropical Ice creams as the " better flavor of the city ".
Your current proprietors: Luis Augusto SantosAna Maria Taveira de Godoi Santos
               Double CLIC in the picture
   The Tropical Ice creams were bought by the company AUGUSTO & GODOI, in 1990.
        It worked at a room in the street September 7, in the downtown, and in 1991, after a general reform in your own thirst, moved all the installation of the company for the Street Minas Gerais 85, Section Belo Horizonte, where it works until the date today.
        In the own thirst it went by two general reforms, and they were bought new freezers, counters, etc, etc.
        Had 12 pushcarts for the sale of popsicles in the street, where the boys came everyday in the part of the morning, they made the wash and cleaning of the pushcarts, and they were these provisioned with 30 popsicles of cream and 30 fruit popsicles, after a certain period it was made the popsicle change, and restocked when the number of popsicles in the box was a little. The boys that sold popsicles, were in most poor children and they were attended by the social attendance of the Municipal City hall. All the boys that sold popsicles, were entitled to a snack in the half of the part of the morning, and other in the half of the part of the afternoon, supplied by the social attendance of the City hall (I govern Teófilo Rios). From 1990 to 1996 they were sold an average of 1000 popsicles a day, after that time, it began to fall the sales and arrived to the point of to become unviable the popsicle commercialization in pushcarts, everything because of the governments' municipal, state, and federal politics.
        The thirst (store) the best structure of a sorveteria was set up, that the city already had until this date (1999). And in previous years there was not so well any sorveteria structured as the TROPICAL ICE CREAMS in the whole medium north goiano, according to the salespersons and travelers that for here they passed.
        In the part of ice creams up to 1996 was a sorveteria as any other one, starting from the last reform a structure was set up to assist the public with the service of autoatendimento " selv-service " being to 1st of the city.
        It is the Tropical Ice creams survives like this until today, and that God helps us. .

                                                                                     Luis Augusto Santos