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Catholic church Cristo Rei of the city Canoinhas, decorated for Christmas


Canoinhas locates at the north plateau of the State of Santa Catarina. The municipal district grew starting from the German immigrants' arrival, Poles, Ukrainian, Italian and Syrian-Lebanese and the first economical activity was the extrativismo of the wood and of the maté.

 The area was stage of one of the largest and bloodier armed conflicts happened in the south of the country, the War of the Answered, that was uncoiled in the period from 1912 to 1916, I conflict this ignored by most of the people, in spite of having slain about 20 thousand combatants, between mestizos of the area and soldiers of the army of Paraná and Santa Catarina, and of the involvement of several neighboring municipal districts in the dispute of lands, inflamed for a powerful religious fanaticism.  

The Origins of the Municipal district

 Founded by Francisco of Paula Pereira, in the end of last century, the municipal district of Canoinhas conquered your emancipation on September 12, 1911, being dismembered of Curitibanos. Your name, at first, it was " Santa Cruz of Canoinhas ". It is to the margins of the river Canoinhas and it counts with an area of about 1.400 km², being to 765 meters of altitude, in an of the most beautiful panoramas of the whole plateau. In your origins Canoinhas grew quickly, given the existence of the native maté, a source of accentuated enrichment, since the product was marketed without difficulties. It was in reason of this trade that Canoinhas grew, today possessing a population of 49 thousand inhabitants. The local agriculture produces bean, wheat, corn, potato and tobacco mainly. The increment of the production is made to feel for the migrants that here took root, for the fertile soil that found and for the strong participation of the agriculture-industry in the local economy.

The habit of the maté remounts to the first ones settlers

Means of transportation used at the beginning by the first settlers of this century


Praca Lauro Muller Praca Osvaldo de Oliveira  
Old center of Canoinhas. Them construction was made of wood, abundant material in the area. Can still today meet those magnificent buildings in the most rural places, resisting at the time, thanks to the unbeatable quality of the native wood. 

Socioeconomic data

Vista aerea da cidade
Updated aerial picture of the municipal district of Canoinhas

Come you to know an area of exuberant vegetation and pleasant climate

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Research: Silvana of Nazareth Mesquita
Photos: Photo Egon
Collaboration: Ivanita Schivinski